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5th IBRO School :: PABSELA SCRT10 | Cancer Stem Cells

Purpose and Scope
5th IBRO School :: PABSELA-SCRT10 is a 10-day intensive lecture and laboratory course on stem cell biology for 15 young investigators (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty/scientists) in the biomedical sciences from Latin American countries. The course is founded in direct collaboration with the International Brain Research Organization, and Universidad Nacional de Cordoba. The main objective of the program is to introduce the Latin American investigators to stem cell biology through lectures, discussions of scientific papers and laboratory sessions, as well as to create new ties between Latin and North American researchers that may result in long-term research collaborations in this field.

In addition to the course, there will be a series of free Seminars open to the entire academic community at which PABSELA Faculty will present the latest results from their laboratories.

Dates and places
5th IBRO School :: PABSELA-SCRT10 will take place at Facultad de Ciencias Quimicas at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba between 23 and 31 October 2010.

Course Description
This intensive laboratory and lecture course is designed for young investigators interested in applying their expertise to the study of stem cell biology. This year Lectures will provide the conceptual basis for contemporary research in the field of cancer stem cells. This year's laboratories include two main topics:

  • Generation of iPS cells and their differentiation to motor neurons
  • Mining the Cancer Transcriptome in the CNS

English language capability
The course is taught in English with no translators available. Applicants should have the equivalent of a 550 TOEFL score. Although we do not require participants to submit proof of TOEFL, applicants should feel comfortable speaking and hearing Standard English.

Students in 5th IBRO School :: PABSELA-SCRT10 must be citizens of a Latin American and Caribbean country, hold a MD, PhD, MD/PhD or a related degree in the biomedical sciences field, and conduct research in a Latin American or Caribbean country. PhD students with experience in molecular biology and tissue culture techniques are also eligible for the course. Investigators with no biomedical background (i.e. physics, engineering, computer sciences), who have an interest in stem cell research, and experience in molecular biology and/or tissue culture are encouraged to apply. Applicants from other countries or citizenships may be accepted under exceptional circumstances. Applicants don't need to have a strong background in computational biology to attend.



The high costs of this leading-edge course are mostly covered by the generous contributions of public and private supporters. However there is a fee for all applicants in order to make the program self-sustainable.

  • Applicants from for profit organizations: US$ 2,200

There are a restricted number of scholarships for outstanding students that will cover the academic fees. Applicants from for profit organizations are not eligible for financial aid. Applicants from academia and not-for-profit sector applying for financial aid must complete the scholarship request portion of the application form. Low-income students are encouraged to apply and PABSELA organizers will cover the living expenses and travel costs through the generous contributions of our partners.

Important: Since the resources for scholarships are limited, PABSELA Organizers recommend applicants to seek alternative financial support (government, applicant's institution, foundations, international organizations, etc).